News Release RE Glacier landowner boats


Some motorised watercraft is allowed in Glacier National Park

Southern Alberta, CANADA – Glacier National Park is working towards motorised watercraft use on Lake McDonald, while Waterton Lakes National Park has not commented on any plans to allow this type of recreation back in the park.

Earlier this month, Glacier National Park opened waters on Lake McDonald, strictly for landowners who underwent a rigorous staff inspection of their boat and a quarantine period of 30 days. The park announced that in the next few weeks, they will also be releasing quarantine and inspection procedures for people living outside the park to be able to use motorised watercraft on Lake McDonald.

Public Land Alliance has received limited response from Waterton Lakes National Park. Meanwhile, Resource Conservation Manager, Dennis Madsen, has told a southern Alberta media outlet that, “the motorised watercraft ban could be permanent unless science and technology find a way to positively eliminate the threat posed by invasive mussels.”

Glacier National Park has joined the many groups that have found a solution and they are working towards allowing outside park visitors to use the waters as well. Waterton Lakes National Park needs to follow Glacier National Park’s example.

Organization Background

Public Land Alliance (PLA) is a southern Alberta based organization seeking to “keep public lands in public hands”. We have supporters throughout Alberta and into the United States. There are many instances where public lands are being denied access for recreational use in Alberta, throughout Canada, and shared border areas in the United States. These areas are labelled as public lands. These lands should be open for responsible recreational use including hiking, camping, boating, horse-back riding, off-road vehicles, and other activities. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for campaign updates.

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