Public Land Alliance is constantly working at regaining recreational access to public lands in Alberta, across Canada, and in border areas of the United States.

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The Whitefish Lake Aquatic Invasive Species Management Program is a mandatory inspection of all motorized and non-motorized watercraft prior to launching in Whitefish Lake, Montana. The inspection stations are open daily for more than 12 hours, include staff inspections each time a boat enters the water, and a $40 decontamination fee. The park officials on either side of the border have not responded to this suggestion.

More information on the program is available HERE.

In March 2017, Whitefish Lake Institute announced the program through a news release, available HERE.


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Keeping public lands in public hands is what Public Land Alliance aims to do. Responsible recreational use of public lands is important and we, as citizens, will fight for it.


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